Haste Makes Waste

Containment Procedures: AN-22 (The Most Important One)

18 September 2023

Let’s imagine there was a Motorola brand plastic cellular phone, produced in 1983, which was approximately 25cm tall with its antennae retracted, and weighed approximately 70g. Hypothetically, let’s say we referred to that object as AN-22.

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I Will Be Free

15 August 2023

I’ve wanted to take a risk like this for a long time.

I put it off because I was scared. I was told my whole life, by deeply uncurious people with small imaginations, that I’d never make it. And I believed them. That became my story.

Let's write a better one.

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I Was Laid Off In Retaliation for Anti-Discrimination Whistleblowing

30 April 2023

In order to protect women, gender nonconforming folks, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community from suffering as my peers and I have, I feel ethically obligated to go public with my experience.

In this article, I will outline why I have sufficient reason to believe that my former employer Rune Labs has violated US anti-discrimination labor laws.

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Dystopia 3066

26 January 2023

As Twitter began its death spiral, I challenged myself - I would write a series of satirical, post-capitalist dystopian flash fiction, with each individual post fitting within 500 characters. It had to have some form of continuity, but each post also had to individually qualify as a story, delivering a conflict, resolution, and primary character without the need for prior context.

I think I mostly succeeded.

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