Haste Makes Waste

Precisely How Not to Conduct a Job Interview

15 January 2023

Have you ever wondered how to most efficiently scare away potential talent? Our top scientists have been hard at work on this very question, and created the most dreadful job interview imaginable. While this knowledge is incredibly cursed, we here at JobCo believe that the study will accelerate future breakthroughs in the field of human rights violations.

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Green Waves Over Mt. Rainier

14 September 2022

Since I last checked in, I have: moved 2,900 miles, survived Covid, organized a series of mass protests, rioted in the streets, single handedly restructured my companys SDLC, and made a pilgrimage to one of the last lesbian bars in the country.

All of this has reaffirmed my belief that, yes, I am in fact superhuman.

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Suppose Google was Compromised

01 January 2022

Threat modeling is the information security practice of anticipating and mitigating negative outcomes in physical and digital systems, most often unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism.

I thought it would be fun to practice this skill on a novel scenario. Even better if its something apparently nobody has ever solved or published resources for, but that could really help a vulnerable population if such a resource existed.

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Help, I Am Being Haunted by Store-Brand Oreos

20 December 2021

A story about my family history of gambling addiction, childhood experience with food insecurity, and how emerging technologies which facilitate financial speculation continue to influence my career in tech.

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Consent and Abuse in Boyfriend Dungeon

25 September 2021

In this article, we’ll discuss how Boyfriend Dungeon contrasts via gameplay both healthy and unhealthy consent models.

We’ll also break down the anatomy of abuse by isolating specific emotional manipulation techniques that are employed by its antagonist, and explore the unique potential of dating sims as learning tools, which empower survivors of abuse to safely re-engage in intimate relationships.

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