Haste Makes Waste

Renegade Ghost - Chapter 1

19 April 2021

An experiment in serial fiction.

Sally Blaire, self-styled trickster spirit and infamous vigilante of the Cape Fear River, can't quite decide if she fights crime or commits them.

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Advocating for Women in the Workplace

15 March 2021

Here's a list of concrete commitments you can make today to create a more equitable space for women and gender-expansive individuals in your organization.

If you are in a position of power, I would challenge you to act on one of these today.

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Queer Identities in Smile for Me

14 February 2021

Today is Valentines Day, a national holiday celebrating yours truly. And you know what always makes me happy? Application of critical theory!

Using a queer lens, I can make a compelling case that Smile for Me's central antagonist, Dr. B Habit, is both gay and gender-nonconforming. The rest of y'all nerds on dates and stuff are really missing out, this is where the fun is at.

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Paradise Killer: Facts vs. the Truth

04 January 2021

Your honor, the prosecution seeks to prove here today that those in a position of authority are uniquely empowered to form and define their own truths. It will demonstrate that the law is neither purely logical, nor neutral, and that it can never be impartially enforced. Evaluation of right and wrong is inherently inseparable from our personal biases.

Let us call Paradise Killer to the witness stand; an open-world locked-room murder mystery which codifies via play the filters inevitably applied by those in power when passing judgement upon others.

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