Haste Makes Waste

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Are you looking for a world-class technical project manager?

Good news: you found her!

I am a premiere TPM and product architect, with over 7 years of experience. I’ve shipped over 23 projects to date across iOS, watchOS, Android, backend, and web. And I’m looking for my next team. Maybe it’s with you?

From ideation to deployment, I’m a full-stack force multiplier for cross-functional teams. Engineers love working with me, because I effortlessly build order out of chaos and make blockers disappear like ✨magic✨.

I have a proven history of quickly synthesizing complex regulatory requirements in the healthcare and fintech sectors (FINRA, HIPPAA, SOC2, WCAG, etc). I’m an ERG director, a champion for accessibility, and a peerless requirements architect.

I deftly manage portfolio risk, maintain product roadmaps, directly and personally unblock technical teams, provide comprehensive user experience feedback, and refine collaboratively to maintain crystal clear acceptance criteria and ticketing.

And I make a mean vegetarian chili.

🎬 Critics are raving about Elizabeth Haste:

“Val has a super high degree of empathy and a keen mind for interfacing with stakeholders and conflicting interests. She’s able to consistently provide a clean interface between these parties to optimize for a consistent velocity of work under a clear set of expectations.

She has incredible communications skills, and is able to reliably break down complex problems with many moving parts. Val is stalwart under pressure, and I have never once seen her flinch.”

- Dyl, Senior Front End Engineer

Looking for my CV?

To learn more about my experience and qualifications, you can find it here.

Let’s Connect!

If your team has a full-time TPM or product opening, either in the Seattle area or fully remote, I’d love to chat. 1 I’d be especially interested in any role which heavily involves healthcare, infosec, andaccessibility.

You can contact me on LinkedIn, or email me directly.

Looking forward to connecting~

  1. I am not open to contract work at this time.