Haste Makes Waste


Spells I cast over the internet to make you see cool pictures in your brain.

Short Stories

The Case of Little Consequence - “Narrow bulbs buzzed and flickered overhead, the glass in harsh contrast to the dried out husks of moths, and worse. She checked the crumpled piece of paper in her fist again. There was still time to run.” (40 min read)

Dystopia 3066 - “The year is 3066. Having exhausted the supply of physically observable body parts for which to sell relief-from-shame serum, Unilever pioneers the first ads for bedazzled stomach lining and colon bleach.” (3 min read)

Renegade Ghost

The continuing adventures of Sally Blaire, transgender superhero.

Chapter One - “…And that’s how Sally Blaire fucked up her first pharmacy heist.” (11 min read)

🔜 Chapter Two - “…He was face to face with public enemy number one. A scoundrel. An unstoppable serial killer. A bottomless well of cruelty, the violent vigilante on the lips of every reporter in the state, maybe the nation.”

The Department of What

Curiosity will kill you.

🔜The Signal - “There’s an allure to listening to a conversation you were never supposed to hear. If pressed later for the precise moment of her undoing, Gray would probably point to this.”

Containment Procedures: AN-13 (Excalibur) - “Subject is a steel, two-edged short sword measuring approximately 80cm in length from pommel to tip…Any requests made by AN-13-A are to be logged, and disregarded.” (5 min read)

Containment Procedures: AN-22 (The Most Important One) - “Let’s imagine there was a Motorola brand plastic cellular phone, produced in 1983, which was approximately 25cm tall with its antennae retracted, and weighed approximately 70g. Hypothetically, let’s say we referred to that object as AN-22…” (7 min read)


Asset Protection, Nothing Personal - (2 min read)

Mailer-Daemon, Untitled, Similarly Untitled - (3 min read)

Dedicated to a Short Lived Leaf, Untitled, A Terrible Poem About a Dog (2009) - (2 min read)