Haste Makes Waste

Virtual Photography

Photos of places that arent real.

As a person living with a disability, it’s genuinely difficult for me to drag myself outside somedays. But I have a developing (lol) interest in photography, so I decided to practice digitally instead.

Plus, I figure that gaining familiarity with the virutal photography and cinematography modding scene will allow me to capture more interesting game footage for my video essay work. 1

Series 1: Digital Tourism

Shots that don’t align with any particular theme.

↑ Cyberpunk 2077. Photo mode + Path Tracing beta.2

↑ Final Fantasy XIV, The Bowl of Embers. Photo mode + ReShade 3

↑ Pupperazzi; Lighthouse Cove, Buppy Boardwalk, Muttropolis, and Mellowstone.

Series 2: Otherworlds

Roads to nowhere; impossible landscapes; liminal spaces, and weird vibes.

I’m particularly interested in capturing scenes from beyond the intended play area, where geography becomes surreal and abstract. You can really appreciate some of the hacks that went into creating the levels you’re supposed to be focused on; it feels akin to studying the individual strokes of a painter.

(Also it’s funny.)

↑ Out-of-bounds in the environments of Pupperazzi. I really appreciated some of the little touches by the designers, like the rooftop covered in lost frisbees and a sailboat inexplicably beached in a tree. Looking up from below the waterline allows you to depict objects suspended in the skybox; the texture only renders one-way.

↓ Behind the scenes of the “Mellowstone” level’s resident cryptid, “Messie”. By clipping underneath the water, you can see how her periodically looping, jaws-esque stalking animation was made. She’s actually a school of three cheerios bouncing up and down below the map.

  1. If I use any interesting in-game or third-party tools, I’ll list them like this so you can try them, too! 

  2. I think I’ll need to mod this game to untether the camera from the hidden player model, and allow for noclip. Positioning is overly difficult in vanilla. As of v2.02, path tracing is only available by enabling a preview feature in graphics settings, and is only active in photo mode. I recommend taking a junk shot first if it’s enabled; it seems to change the lighting substantially after first usage so if you don’t, your final product won’t look like the preview. 

  3. Reminder to list my ReShade plugins later.