Haste Makes Waste

Reddit Offers Moderators Stock Ahead of IPO… But Why?

22 February 2024

Reddit plans to offer stock to a select group of users and moderators ahead of its upcoming IPO, according to an email obtained from a moderator of multiple subreddits.

At approximately 12:43PM today, a subset of Reddit users and moderators were contacted simultaneously via DM and email with an invite to pre-register for a Directed Share Program. It also included an as-of-yet incomplete set of terms and legal disclosures, blended with the occasional meme.

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Deplatforming Myself: A Tech Manifesto

17 October 2023

The internet has become one big roach motel. I lay the blame for this development solely at the feet of The Platform; the proliferation of venture-capitalist backed walled gardens, which are incentivized to trap users inside and milk them like cattle.

This has me re-evaluating my relationship with The Platform, what I want out of the Internet, and who its meant to benefit. I’ve decided: I think I want out.

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Just A Poem

10 October 2023

Just one lil poem on its lonesome, this time. I feel like this one wants to be longer. I hear you lil poem, I'll keep noodling on you.

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Read the Room, Apple 🎉💀

03 October 2023

Gestures are frequently triggering at inappropriate times, in the best case simply ruining a solemn moment with tasteless commentary. In others, it’s creating legitimate panic and discomfort for patients in mental health care settings.

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