Haste Makes Waste

Deplatforming Myself: A Tech Manifesto

17 October 2023

The internet has become one big roach motel. I lay the blame for this development solely at the feet of The Platform; the proliferation of venture-capitalist backed walled gardens, which are incentivized to trap users inside and milk them like cattle.

This has me re-evaluating my relationship with The Platform, what I want out of the Internet, and who its meant to benefit. I’ve decided: I think I want out.

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Just A Poem

10 October 2023

Just one lil poem on its lonesome, this time. I feel like this one wants to be longer. I hear you lil poem, I'll keep noodling on you.

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Read the Room, Apple 🎉💀

03 October 2023

Gestures are frequently triggering at inappropriate times, in the best case simply ruining a solemn moment with tasteless commentary. In others, it’s creating legitimate panic and discomfort for patients in mental health care settings.

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Containment Procedures: AN-22 (The Most Important One)

18 September 2023

Let’s imagine there was a Motorola brand plastic cellular phone, produced in 1983, which was approximately 25cm tall with its antennae retracted, and weighed approximately 70g. Hypothetically, let’s say we referred to that object as AN-22.

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