Haste Makes Waste

Howdy, Fam!

My name is Elizabeth Haste (she/her), but we’re internet friends now so you can just call me Val. I’m a queer writer and aspiring video essayist based in Seattle, Washington. Chessie is my cat and co-writer, who says: 2wmnbp0er6541.

Here’s What I’m Working On

My nonfiction work is primarily literary criticism and academic essays, which I write for fun because I’m a weirdo with no social life. If you’re into critical theory, tabletop RPG’s, antifascism, and niche dating sims, then I’m basically the only place you’re going to get that incredibly specific combination.

If you like urban fantasy or horror, you might enjoy my short stories. Renegade Ghost is a serial about Sally Blaire, a transgender superhero desperate to atone for her violent past as a vigilante. What would a truly antifascist superhero look like? I dunno and neither does she, I guess we’ll find out together. It updates, uh, occasionally!

I’m also writing a novelette called The Department of What, which boldly asks “what if you were haunted by a ham radio”. A question absolutely nobody was asking but here we are.

Finally, I produce well-researched and slightly unhinged video essays on many of these same topics.

Support the show!

Haste Makes Waste is possible thanks to the generous support of my patrons, which you could also be.

Patrons get early access to my work, and the ability to bully me in real time! You can also watch my video essays free of Youtube’s shenanigans.

If all this sounds like your vibe, then you should come along!

Want to contact me?

Whisper your message to the flighted bird of your choice, turn counter-clockwise thrice, and then throw that sucker as far as you can.

Alternatively, you can email me. 1

  1. I really do prefer the bird method though if you don’t mind. –>